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Dunning Signs is your resource for high-quality, cost-effective posters that communicate directly with your customers at the point of purchase. See the best of our capabilities on this medium; often stunning, distinct, eye-catching pieces featuring vibrant colors, super sharp graphics and visually appealing layouts, a context within which your advertising message speaks volumes.

We provide most standard poster sizes including: 18”x24”, 22”x28”, 24”x36” and 32”x40”, as well as other custom sizes. All of our standard poster sizes can be dry mounted on to 3/16” white Bainbridge foam board for displaying on a traditional easel or for displaying inside your existing elevator frames (we also manufacture standard and custom sized lockable elevator frames). They can also be dry mounted on to a thinner Crescent board for placement into top or side mount poster stands.

Check Out Our NEW Retractable Posters! These larger posters are much more visible and have amazing color and vividness, measuring in at 33” wide by 84.6” tall. These posters are accompanied by a super sleek stylish satin aluminum retractable base, which includes a heavy-duty carrying case with strap. For more versatility… Add the Space spotlight to illuminate your special event in the evenings!

We offer many choices of poster grades to fit your budget!